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Modern Era Batsmen versus Top Eight Nations

In this post, we aggregate the performance of modern era batsmen against the top eight test nations since 1 Jan 1985. Performances against Zimbabwe and Bangladesh have been excluded as they have been, in general, the weakest teams (and also the weakest bowling attacks) over this period (1 Jan 1985 to 10 November 2013).

Result Summary:
  • Most players (38 out of 48) show a reduction in their career averages, thus lending credence to the hypothesis that Zimbabwe and Bangladesh have had weaker bowling attacks. 
  • Only six players have over 10,000 runs.
  • Sachin Tendulkar, as expected, has the most runs, hundreds, and fifties.
  • Hashim Amla has the fastest rate, in terms of number of innings, of scoring hundreds (6.21) and fifties (2.62).
  • Kumar Sangakkara and Jacques Kallis are the only players who average over 53.
  • Michael Clarke and AB de Villiers are the few with 50+ averages who actually see a rise in their avergaes - meaning they have underperformed against Zimbabwe and Bangladesh. Among players with post-filtered 50+ averages, AB de Villiers and Michael Clarke show an increase in their averages of 0.77 and 0.36 respectively.
  • Among players with post-filtered 50+ averages, Kumar Sangakkara, Sachin Tendulkar, and Jacques Kallis see the biggest drop in averages with 3.69, 2.78, and 2.41 respectively. Mohammad Yousuf sees the overall biggest drop of 4.09. These batsmen have performed exceptionally well against Zimbabwe and Bangladesh which has boosted their career averages.
  • Only ten players average over 50 as opposed to fifteen when including performances against Zimbabwe and Bangladesh.
Data table:

PlayerMatInnsNORunsHSAve10050Inns per 100Inns per 50Career Average
SR Tendulkar (India)1843062814183241*51.0143657.122.8353.78
RT Ponting (Aus)161278271282825751.1039597.132.8451.85
JH Kallis (ICC/SA)152263341214422453.0340546.582.8055.44
R Dravid (ICC/India)148263271174927049.7830578.773.0252.31
BC Lara (ICC/WI)127226611558400*52.5332477.062.8652.88
SR Waugh (Aus)163255431038120048.9629488.793.3151.06
S Chanderpaul (WI)134233389943203*50.9824599.712.8151.89
DPMD Jayawardene (SL)11920810952637448.1126418.003.1049.56
KC Sangakkara (SL)9917614863328753.2926356.772.8956.98
VVS Laxman (India)12521332838428146.32165513.313.0045.97
V Sehwag (ICC/India)971704823431949.6023297.393.2749.34
GC Smith (ICC/SA)10218412812927747.2623368.003.1249.36
AJ Stewart (Eng)12722619798019038.55134317.384.0439.54
ML Hayden (Aus)9717613795620348.8028276.293.2050.73
ME Waugh (Aus)127208177939153*41.56204610.403.1541.81
Inzamam-ul-Haq (ICC/Pak)10317318765432949.3821428.242.7549.60
MJ Clarke (Aus)95161167605329*52.4424276.713.1652.08
KP Pietersen (Eng)951646754522747.7523307.133.0948.38
JL Langer (Aus)10017612754425046.0023297.653.3845.27
MA Taylor (Aus)104186137525334*43.4919409.793.1543.49
MA Atherton (Eng)11120577469185*37.72154513.673.4237.69
AN Cook (Eng)931669740029447.1323327.223.0247.85
DC Boon (Aus)10418520729020044.1821318.813.5644.18
AJ Strauss (Eng)961736677417740.5621248.243.8440.91
G Kirsten (SA)9616914664927542.8918339.393.3145.27
GP Thorpe (Eng)94169246430200*44.34163510.563.3144.66
AB de Villiers (SA)81138156423278*52.2117328.122.8251.44
Mohammad Yousuf (Pak)791407641122348.2020267.003.0452.29
SC Ganguly (India)9916916631123941.24133113.003.8442.17
Younis Khan (Pak)761369618531348.7019247.163.1651.17
SP Fleming (NZ)94166106135274*39.3283820.753.6140.06
MEK Hussey (Aus)7713416599319550.7818297.442.8551.52
CH Gayle (WI)841495595433341.34123112.423.4742.25
ST Jayasuriya (SL)9216412586534038.58112714.914.3240.07
IR Bell (Eng)8715318585423543.3617359.002.9446.66
PA de Silva (SL)841458572426741.7818218.063.7243.43
M Azharuddin (India)931388571719943.9719207.263.5444.56
HH Gibbs (SA)821466569822840.70122512.173.9541.95
HM Amla (SA)67118105621311*52.0419266.212.6252.32
CL Hooper (WI)10017115557423335.73122714.254.3836.46
N Hussain (Eng)8815816537820737.87133112.153.5937.18
RB Richardson (WI)7513011536019445.04132610.003.3345.04
MP Vaughan (Eng)761398531919740.6017168.184.2141.44
MJ Slater (Aus)731296530821943.1514219.213.6942.83
AC Gilchrist (Aus)90132195238204*46.3515268.803.2247.60
ME Trescothick (Eng)701359517221941.04112712.273.5543.79
RR Sarwan (WI)791426509529137.46132810.923.4640.01
MV Boucher (ICC/SA)133195215052122*29.0333365.005.4230.30

  • Only batsmen who made their debut after 01 Jan 1985 are included. 
  • Cut-off is for batsmen with over 5000 runs.
  • These ratings include Test matches until 9th November 2013.

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